Brisbane Rat and Mice Control

Did you know that rat and mice are known to cause fires and death all over the world?

Rat and mice have a love in chewing electrical wires in the house and this is what causes house fires and deaths. One of the best way to identify if you have rat or mice in your office, home or commercial building is by the evidence they leave… their feces. The other easy way to identify rats or mice is them leaving other clues like biting holes in boxes and so on.

Rat and mice love to hand out on the ceiling of most dwellings… also called roof rats. If you have rat or mice in your home, you can actually hear them in the middle of the night running across from one side of the roof to the other.

It’s best to contract a professional rodent control specialist to remove rat and mice from your home as most of these pests bit and carry diseases.

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