Cockroach Control Brisbane

Most people don’t realise that cockroach spread viruses and diseases that can give us diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever and other viral diseases.  These pests also carry eggs that are know to contain parasitic worms that affect humans.

Cockroaches carry egg capsule and each capsule can contain up to 40 eggs. Each egg takes approximately 3-4 months to become an adult and can produce up to 150 babies.

Cockroaches hide is dark damp areas, like behind the fridge and little gaps in kitchen cupboards or anywhere they can have shelter and easy access to food. Cockroaches tend to come out at nights. A great way to see if you have cockroach infestation, is to leave food out on the kitchen floor and quietly turn on the light in the middle of the night. Be warned, if you have not contracted a Brisbane pest control service for over a year, you may get a big fright!!

Quality Pest Controls – Brisbane Pest Control helps eradicate cockroaches and ensures them from coming back.


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