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Commercial Lease – Tenants Obligations

If you operate a commercial site or shop (tenant), you will understand that governing regulatory bodies require annual pest control services to promote the health and safety of you staff and customers.  Furthermore, regular commercial pest control also protects your stock from pests such as rats and mice.

Property Managers & Landlords

If you are a commercial property manager or a landlord, it’s highly recommended that you conduct regular Brisbane termite inspections. Commercial properties are a very large investment, and Brisbane termites are known to cause millions of dollars in damages to commercial sites all over Brisbane.  Unfortunately, relying on your tenant to inform you of termite activity is rare and if they do notice activity and inform you, the damage is usually done.

Who We Help:

  • Real Estate Managers
  • Body Corporate
  • Warehouse, Factories & Distribution Centres (DC’s)
  • Government Buildings
  • Educational Institutions
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Builders
  • Leisure Centres

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