Brisbane Pest Control

The subtropical climate in Brisbane brings with it bugs of all sorts and sizes. And most of these pests bring with it, as viruses and diseases. Protecting your family and your home is extremely important and if you have any form of infestation such then give us a call for a free quote.

Termite Inspections & Termite Treatment – Termites are a huge problem in South East Queensland. It has been recorded that Brisbane Termites attack 1 in 3 homes causing billions in damages. Most insurance companies do not cover termite damage, so it’s up to you to do regular check-ups.

Here is a simple exercise you can do right now:

  • Look for signs such as small piles of timber, or trails in walls or timber rot.
  • Tap the walls and listed for strange sounds, like bits of timber falling.
  • If you see and hear anything like this, chances are you have termites and give us a call immediately.
  • Failure to identify termites and remove nasty Brisbane Termites early can cost you $100,000’s.

AntsThere are many different types of ants in Brisbane and many of them are more a nuisance than anything. However, pockets of areas in Brisbane have ‘Fire Ants’. If you feel that the ants in your home are fire ants, please stay well away from them and their nests and give us a call immediately. A bite from these ants will cause server pain and possibly death.

Rats and Mice We remove both rats and mice. Both Rats and Mice can cause major damage to your home. They chew through just about anything and tend to have a love for wires on your roof. This is not only expensive to fix, but also dangerous as it can cause a house fire.

Cockroaches Cockroaches usually hang around due to the availability of food. Make sure all foods are sealed and packed away after consumption. A cockroaches can lay 100’s of eggs and those baby cockroaches take a few months to mature and they too lay eggs. If you spot cockroaches around the kitchen or cupboards, make sure you remove them immediately as failure to do so will eventually lead to cockroach infestation.

Pigeons Pigeons can be a major problem. Yes they are cute to look and but most wild pigeons carry fleas and lice. Both fleas and lice and make it’s way to your pets and little children. Pigeons also leave unwanted mess around your home. If you have pigeon problems, give us a call.

Other pests we also remove Mosquitos, Spiders, Bees, Carpet Beetles, Fleas, Lies, Lice, Mites, Silverfish and Wasps.

Any of these pests bugging you?

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