Termite Control Brisbane

At Quality Pest Control we are recognised for our excellence in ‘Termite Inspection Brisbane’ and ‘Termite Removal Brisbane’. We are one of Brisbane most trusted Termite control specialists.

Unlike most Brisbane Pest Control companies, our work is insured through Pacific International with the respected industry accreditations from TimberSafe and TimberSure. We follow a proven system to removal all termites from your premises and guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.

Termites Brisbane – Due to Brisbane’s subtropical climate, Brisbane termites are very active eating almost everything in it’s path. It has been recorded that one in five homes will get attacked by termites. Termite attacks can set home owners and landlords back $100,000’s in damages and the scary thing is that most insurance companies DO NOT COVER for termite damage.  Click here and request a free quote.

Termite inspections Brisbane – To avoid damage to your property, you must conduct annually ‘Termite Inspections’. You must see this cost not as an expense, but an investment to save your home or investment property.

Termite treatments Brisbane – The best way to treat termites is to use quality products. At Quality Pest Control we use Chemical Treatment Zones also known as Chemical Barriers. One of the best chemical barriers available on the market today is Termidor. As a accredited Termidor Brisbane applicator, we make sure the safe application of this product and make sure the environment is protected. Our staff are all qualified and hold current Queensland Health and safety licenses.


If you are after Termidor treatments Brisbane, please call us on (07) 3390 2158.
Other Termite barriers Brisbane- There are other systems we use to gives Brisbane the Termite Protection Brisbane needs.


Exterra – We are a proud member for Exterra. The Exterra system not only removes termites, it’s environmentally also. For more information on Exterra termite treatment systems click here.


Altis – The Altis Reticulation System is a patented system designed we use to remove Brisbane termites that are located underneath concrete slabs.s, and around the perimeter of buildings. The Altis system is perfect for driveways, pathways and patios, and the most effective use of Altis is to apply the system before any concreting or paving.

HomeGuard – We are also proud applicators of HomeGuard.  HomeGuard is Australia’s only physical termite barrier system that is backed by the Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority. There system is proven to prevent and kill termites. This termite prevention and termite protection system is ideal for pre-construction and renovation needs.